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Is Pay-Per-Click advertising right for your business?



Which medium or combination of media (media mix) is best? It depends on whom you’re trying to reach and what percentage of that target you need to speak to. There are numerous advertising options, and it is essential you determine which mix of media will deliver your message to your target market most effectively. 

 Making this choice is the focus of your advertising plan. Take a closer look at traditional media like television, radio, print, and direct mail and online types of media including pay-per-click (SEM), mobile and email advertising. Keep your campaign objectives and customer demographics in mind as you consider the media mix that is right for your business.

As promised I will be highlighting 18 different types of media to help familiarize you with a wide range of available marketing tools – 9 online and 9 traditional.

I will focus first on online media tools. Compared to traditional media, online promotion makes it easier to measure results and generate low-cost leads. Most importantly, online advertising makes your business “findable” which is very important to B2B and B2C connections. Remember, approximately 80 percent of customers find the supplier online during a Google search. Continue reading Is Pay-Per-Click advertising right for your business?

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