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Lynn Banks Marketing ConsultantLynn Banks Marketing Consultant

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I needed an affordable means of promoting my business that could reach directly into the homes and hearts of people needing the help of care providers for the elderly. I talked with Lynn about the people I was trying to reach and my budgetary restrictions. I had looked into radio but found it too costly. Lynn created a plan that got my messages out over radio stations that are listened to by my target audience. She spaced the interval of the ads to maximize the savings while still keeping the message heard often enough to register on listeners' awareness. She wrote copy and had the ads recorded by the stations. On top of the scheduled ads, she helped me take advantage of a holiday promotion whereby my business was mentioned wishing all the listeners a happy holiday season. Several people tell me that they've heard my commercials and thought they were great.

Lynn also got me an ad in the Monterey County Weekly in the Health & Fitness 2013 issue. It looks fantastic and sits right at the page break where the paper naturally falls open. Also in print have been several Press Releases that Lynn reviewed and distributed for me.

Lynn Banks is getting my message out there and developing name recognition for my company. She has other services dealing with internet advertising and is also connected at the local TV stations. Business owners who need to get the message out about their business and services would be well-served by contacting Lynn and letting her help design a dynamic and professionalmarketing strategy that will bring in the business.

 Always Best Care Senior Services Respectully Submitted

Jon R Brandt Jr
Always Best Care Senior Services

I have worked with Lynn Banks for the past two years and she has always been there for me. She helped me start a marketing plan for a business I just purchased. I had no idea where to start and she had some fantastic ideas. After deciding on the best route, she initiated and developed the plan and then followed through with it. Lynn is very professional and personable and has many contacts to reach the right people. Whenever I had a question, she would always get back to me immediately. The best thing I liked about Lynn was she was very open to suggestions or making changes. If I wasn't 100% sure of something, she would go into a different mode and make other suggestions. She was real comfortable to work with. I would recommend Lynn Banks for all your Marketing needs. Professional, accessible, personable and knowledgeable; what more could you ask for.

Plager VisionDr. Ted A. Bailey, Optometrist
Plager Vision and Optometric Center
Santa Cruz, California

Dear Lynn,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work you have done for Williams Roofing Company throughout the last five years.  As you know, we have struggled in the past to find the right marketing consultant who could meet all of our needs and who we could trust. Fortunately, we found you.

Lynn, you have proven to be the expert in all facets of advertising ranging from our television commercials (both in the production and placement of our commercials), internet advertising, our website you designed, and our company brochure you so finely created and perfected.

Thank you again for your diligence, honesty and integrity.  You are a terrific marketing consultant with such attention to detail. This is why we have and will continue to refer people to you.


Tawnie Williams
Williams Roofing Company

Lynn Banks of Banks Marketing has proven to be an exceptional resource of Accelerated Marketing Partners. She offers timely service and excellent advice for the marketing services of television and alternative audio/visual media schedules and purchases. Lynn's coordinated efforts for production services are superior in all aspects. Materials are received on time and in good standing.

Deborah Stevens
Accelerated Marketing Partners

Lynn’s knowledge of local media, marketing savvy and especially her personal relationships with both clients and reps make her one of the most effective ad agencies in the area. I often recommend her with great confidence to businesses looking to get great creative and the most from their media buys.

KSBWLyn Johnson
Media Consultant

I have worked with Ms. Banks for many years and look to her professionalism for fresh, creative and visionary ideas.  Her knowledge of the waste industry has helped me in my current position as Recycling Community Affairs Manager for BFI Waste Services of Salinas.

Ms. Banks and I worked together over twenty years for the California International Airshow.  She graciously oversaw the newsletter that was sent out to corporate sponsors, performers and volunteers.  Her personal knowledge and community spirit of the Monterey/Central Coast is invaluable.

On countless occasions, I have called Ms. Banks on a “yesterday” deadline and her efficiency, environmental waste background and community knowledge made the project happen.  This is an important key factor, because I am not bombarded with informational and premature questions from an outside marketing firm.  Lynn Banks Marketing Consulting eliminates time, phone calls and emails.

I believe another important component in the business world is doing business locally.  Ms. Banks teams with a local printer who manages and produces all of our marketing materials.  The seamless, collaborative partnership between marketing new, innovative ideas and mass production is one word…priceless.

Cindy Rogers
Recycling Community Affairs Manager

In 1997, we had our first project with Lynn Banks. She was brought on as a marketing consultant and advertising specialist through a client of ours, for a project in Salinas. Over the past thirteen years we have worked closely with Lynn, on a continuous basis, on various projects for a diverse set of clients. No project is too large or small, when promoting a client.

What more could anyone ask for in a working relationship with another person? Lynn is professional, hardworking, creative, honest and able to meet any creative request or tight deadline, while keeping the client updated to the progress of a project and within budget. She sets herself to a higher and more personably responsible standard than what you see sometimes in the business world because she genuinely cares for her clients and the outcome of their business requests.

Successfulness can be measured by a client by looking at how long you've been happy with the results you are getting. Most of Lynn's clients have hired Lynn, to achieve their marketing goals, for many, many years— that's a testimate to her effectiveness.

We highly recommend Lynn Banks for any of your marketing and creative needs.

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